"My bronzer is a gift to women all over, i'm glad I have been chosen as the one to deliver it to them."

Sharon Braunstein

Sharon started her career in cosmetics doing home demonstrations which led her to training 250 consultants across Canada.  

After establishing a name for herself in the industry, under the name of Sur Visage, Sharon and her late husband Eric, not only had make up counters in leading shopping malls, but they pioneered the concept of having make up counters in beauty salons.

Being such an influencer in the field, Sharon started to work with leading laboratories to create and design private label cosmetic lines.

The Academy

Sharon and Eric needed to keep up with the demand of properly trained consultants to run the counters. This led to opening a training academy, teaching the art of make up application, sales and personalized service.

This school was such a success that it was recognized by the Government of Quebec who later elected the school to train all of the teachers who were teaching make up artistry in both public and trade schools. Being known and recognized as an expert in her field, Sharon wrote articles for several of Montreal’s major newspapers. She had a regular column in CHIC’S magazine and has been a contributor to numerous established publications.

During this time, Sharon & Eric wanted to expand their business to the USA, specifically Florida. Sharon had to apply for an O-1 Visa which is an artists visa “Aliens with extraordinary ability”. Only 1000 artists are granted this special visa in all of Canada per year. Given her “extraordinary ability” Sharon was granted this visa and they relocated to Boca Raton to continue their vision and concepts in beauty salons in the area.

In 2009, her late husband Eric became ill and they decided to return back to Montreal to be with family. Sadly, Eric passed in 2011.

The Bronzer is born

Sharon continued to work while also being a caregiver for her then ill husband. During this time, she received a new product from the lab that she was working with in product development. The BRONZER.

After running quality control on this bronzer and gradually tweaking it with the lab, she realized that it was sent to her to be released to the world.

Once Sharon saw the amazing effect and impact that this bronzer had on the hundreds of women that she applied it on, she decided to give up her entire cosmetic line and focus entirely on producing and distributing her amazing bronzer.